by A-Roy

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released 13 September 2011

all album tracks produced by Eye Jay The Boy for Midi McFly (ASCAP)

guitar on "Ties That Blind", "Still Young", and "The Daybreak" by The Shark for Midi McFly (ASCAP)

chorus vocals on "Highways" and "The Daybreak" by Chachi Garcia

violin on "Highways" by Marian Brackney

recorded at Eagle Audio in Fort Worth, TX



all rights reserved


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A-Roy Virginia

I'm ETX bred, DFW cultivated, and a DMV resident. A hip hop head and an honest lyricist. Thank you for streaming and downloading - I appreciate every act of support, and the person behind it.

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Track Name: Highways (featuring Chachi Garcia)
(intro from an interview with Tupac Shakur, 1995)

Verse 1:
I'm moving fast, I'm puffing slow
Sippin' Crown and Coke, gas pedal to the floor
Catching flashbacks to a couple years ago
When I didn't have a clue what I was living for
Now I'm feeling Déjà vu, "North Carolina Blue"
Reminisce of when I used to be in school, paying dues
Or so I thought, but I was really lost
Just like I am on this road, 'dro making me cough
Bright lights, fire and ice, closing quickly
I got warrants so I pray they not coming to get me
Sirens "pass me by," drowning out my Pharcyde
I thank God though I'm living on the dark side
Then I ask Him why I never made it far in life...
Guess I lacked a strong focus on religion?
Indulging these women did have me trippin'
"'Roy I thought you was a Christian? You just another nigga..."

Chorus (Chaci Garcia):
Where am I going? I can't see it
Never knowing, it's so misleading
But I keep going, rolling,
Down these highways of my life (x2)

Verse 2:
Feel like I'm going crazy, maybe? Nah I can't be
My homie told me if you think you're gone you still sane, see,
The unstable mind doesn't realize
Always justifies the bad and adjusts to lie
I tend to criticize myself feeling guilty
For the past mistakes I made that left my hands a little filthy
Used to be the coolest nigga, what...
Now I'm rude and abusive, tired of taking shit - toilet flush
Beats, rhymes, and strife
A weak nine to five
No peace in my mind just grief from all the times I lied
Decisions in the game made under pressure
Caused some setbacks but the only one to blame is myself
'Cause I let the devil manifest d'evils,
I don't regret the choices but I wish that I had been more careful with the people
Ashamed 'cause the blessings I receive I don't deserve 'em
I pray for God's forgiveness as I ride down I-30....


Verse 3:
Every path I take I feel the tug of hesitation
Like before I give my all I need some kind of revelation
That this road is not a dead end, something I can make bread in
Enough to feed my family for a couple generations
Getting so impatient
'Cause time is flying by
I'm growing older but stability is not in sight
Am I right or am I wrong
For spending my nights up writing these songs
When I could be resting up to work a job providing a steady income
I must be dumb expecting to make long as I'm playing myself
That's what I say to myself
In the end all the matters is wealth
Even your health will fade away, but you can leave wealth to your family
And all will say that you were a man of accomplishment and integrity
What about today, how will you play it A?
How many more excuses will you use to cover up the fact that you ain't got no loot?
And you still single too...
And you haven't really done enough to help the poor or the youth
In fact you ain't even too sure if what you believe is indeed the truth
Along this journey called life, I guess I chose the scenic route...